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This listing is for a ONE UV Decal Mystery Bundle Tee Grab Bag.

  • You will receive a total of FIVE UV Decals PER bundle
  • Decals will range in sizes typically ranging from 2 inches +/- 5 inches
  • No two of the same design will be present in each grab bag.  If multiple mystery bundles are ordered, there is a chance duplication may occur.
  • Ideal for adorning car windows*, laptops, glass jar cans, tumblers, and various hard surfaces -- once decals are set they are permanent.  *We highly suggest not applying these decals to surfaces with paint or powder coating with the intention of removal, they will more than likely take the finish with it.
  • Decals are removable but not reusable.
  • We are unable to grant specific requests, all decals are grabbed by random.
  • UV decals are highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications, both indoors and outdoors, on smooth and slightly curved surfaces.
  • Standard fulfillment applies.  Grab bag listings are considered FINAL SALE and cannot be exchanged.

Please note:  Listing photo is only an example of what designs may be received.  It is not guaranteed that these designs and/or sizes will be included in specific bundles.




They can be applied to the following: glass, metal, plastic, ceramics, wood, and leather.

    1. Clean the surface you intend to apply your decal.
      For non-porous surfaces, you can use alcohol, or window cleaner with a lint free rag.
    2. Cut your decal into a manageable size. Trim off any excess and cut as close to the overall printed design as possible (keeping the general shape of the wrap/decal).
    3. Make sure the transfer print is secure to the top film by laying it on a flat surface and rub with firm pressure using a squeegee tool, credit card or your fingertip.
    4. Remove your decal backing: Place face down peel straight back or gently roll the backing paper away from the film and image.
    5. Apply the decal: Position decal onto the surface, rub with firm pressure using your squeegee tool or fingertip to remove any air pockets/bubbles then peel straight back or roll transfer film to reveal finished decal.
    6. Handwashing is recommended if applying to drinkware or any surface that will be washed.


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